Jun 10, 2013

A Life Well Lived

We sadly drove to Montana this weekend to attend a funeral of our great friend, Bill.  He was 93 and lived all his days in the same little ranch town, in basically the same house.

It was not a surprise to see how many people came; the population of Helmville probably tripled for the afternoon.  He was a special guy, always with a twinkle in his eye, a jolly story to tell, and a shot of Irish whiskey to share.  We'll miss him but have our memories and his wife Moe to visit.
The driveway full of people going to the luncheon.

A bottle of whiskey was passed with a nod to Bill before each swig.  Moe made sure there was enough to go around...a few times.

Tyler's BFF Wyatt was there, but unfortunately we left the boys with Curt.  Shawn made sure to chat with him for a bit.

Shawn and Casey told some stories to radiant Moe.

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  1. Hi there fellow Wyomingite. So sorry for your loss; he sounds like an incredible man : )