Sep 9, 2013

Family Photos

Some weeks and weekends seem to be a blur of dishes, laundry, migraines, sleep-deprivation, allergies, colds, dirty diapers, and garden harvesting.  I guess that is normal for everyone with little kids.
In between the busy-ness we always manage to fit in some family time, whether it is just our little family, or visiting with others.  
Last weekend we were able to stop and visit with the cousins and wish Hailey a happy 18th birthday.
No one seemed to be thrilled to have their photo taken?

Aunt Rosie and Uncle Dale drove up from Colorado and brought peaches, a mammoth cantaloupe, honey, and some fun conversations.  The boys sucked up the extra attention.
My tomato family:  Mom, Dad, Tyler, Cash, Blondie (horse), Decker (dog), 2 unnamed chickens (we still had three when I took this photo--now we are down to 2)

Yesterday it rained briefly in the afternoon and cooled off.  We had our first fire and smores dessert of the summer! This topped off the awesome dinner that Shawn made for us: smoked elk loin and freshly dug potatoes and carrots.  

I promise we are having fun

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