Jun 17, 2014

Cody, Father's Day, and A wedding

We went to Cody to meet up with Meg and her family, and finally did the touristy thing of watching the Gunslinger Shootout.  It was COLD!

Cash did NOT like the gunshots.

Then we went back to the KOA they were staying at, and there was a pretty intense kids' room.  My kids didn't want to leave.

Happy Father's Day!  We at lunch out back--feta and avocado on bagels with lots of fruit and radishes from the garden.  The white stuff in the photo is cotton from the trees.

Annnnd.....I stuffed myself into the dress.  
I was kind of bummed that it was actually really snug, and of course Shawn's outfit fit perfectly still.
  I guess I have had a lot more goodies than I need lately.

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