Jun 10, 2014

The Real Yellowstone

Last week we had the opportunity to drive through Yellowstone on our way home.  It was great, wonderful, beautiful, and full of PEOPLE.
Here are some photos of what it was REALLY like for our family.

Nice Picture of Roosevelt Arch...taken by Shawn.

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The lady in the pink obnoxiously and intentionally walked next to us on the boardwalk near Mammoth.  She kept trying to make Cash laugh.  He was pretty much just scared of her.

They saw a chipmunk.  They looked like Italian models.

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Where we picnicked.
This is a shot of Tyler needing an emergency #2 bathroom break along the side of the road.

No Dogs Allowed

More obnoxious foreigners with no sense of "sharing walkways."

Me talking to the Park Ranger about the best place to get ice cream in the Park.
Yes, that is a tattoo.

Cash didn't want to be in a stroller.  And he didn't want to walk.  And he didn't really want to be on Shawn's shoulders.

Photo that Tyler took

Look! An elk!

A steam vent in the parking lot.  Tyler jumped over it again. and again. and again.

Dragon's Mouth. 

Lots of interesting footwear

Great shoes for hiking

This photo is immediately before Tyler wiped out on a rock and scraped up his knee and butt.


We made them sit for a while so we could regroup. And find a bathroom (because the sewer inside the General Store was backed up and they only had one portajohn)

What a great picture....

Ok, so it was pretty fun and we had a great time laughing at ourselves and other people.  The end of the day was perfect--ice cream and a lake and a beautiful drive home.

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