Oct 23, 2016

Our day in the corn

We went to Bob Quinn's Organic Farm (google it) in Big Sandy, where we helped harvest Painted Mountain Corn cobs.
It was something my work was helping promote, so we went up on an adventure.



The 2 acres of cobs had to be looked at one by one for genetic superiority--because the man who dries and sells the seeds needs the best (he leases the land from Quinn's Farm).  There's a good chance if you ever buy that kind of corn (usually used for drying, ornamental, popping, or grinding), it will be from this organization!
Very interesting and so pretty!
It started out cool but warmed up eventually.

Tyler had hay down his pants and became extremely uncomfortable.  Luckily it was time to head home.

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  1. Nice pictures, Jackie! Looks like a cool, fun place to go! Shelly