Jul 5, 2010

Hot Dogs and a Parade

This weekend is always a pretty big one for our town. For the 4th of July, there is a two-day Rodeo, parade, flea market, and a few other events.
Our Community Garden capitalized on all the visitors by selling hot dogs as a fundraiser. It was a first time for all of us, and we did pretty well~in 4 hours we made a few hundred dollars to put into the Garden's meager bank account. (we haven't started to break ground yet...)

I got to break away for a while to watch the parade go by with the family.

It started out sunny but a wall of clouds quickly moved in.
Tyler and his best babysitter buddy Ellen tried to stay warm during a lull.

Next year maybe Tyler and I will ride my horse! The guy we bought her from said she is usually in it every year. If only I had known, I could have ridden Blondie through town with the other horseback riders!

Poor little wet kid. His lips were blue and he was shivering but he would not let go of a ball he was given, and he REFUSED to leave the side of the road. I had no idea little kids got so much candy. Shawn and I did all the work chasing after the goodies and making sure he didn't run out in traffic. It rained hard for about 5 minutes and then was only about 55 degrees. This 4th of July weekend was NOT HOT.

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