Jul 27, 2010

Tyler Loves the Fair

Luckily we had Matthew to ride with Tyler at the Fair. Otherwise we adults might not have fit on with him. Poor Matthew had to ride kiddie rides, but he never complained!
This must've been a tough turn to make cause all the kids were keeping their eyes glued to the wheels.
Pure Joy!

He really liked the whale ride, but his favorite was the helicopter. I guess we should have bought an arm band but $25 was just a little too much for us to pay at this time!

This picture makes me think that they are just out for a Sunday drive... enjoying the breeze.

Tyler wasn't the only one who went on rides...
Matthew and Curt nearly had their heads whiplashed off in this one..

Cool Dude in his sunglasses.

Shawn proved to us all that he would go on a scary ride with Matthew (while wearing a cowboy hat).

Then after he got off it he meekly said "I almost threw up."

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