Jul 13, 2010


Saturday I went to Missoula to go to the Farmer's Market and buy some things that just can't be bought in Helena.
I met up with my friend Meg and her kids, and we walked all around town.
Ashley liked the stairs.
I forgot that some of the buildings in downtown Missoula are very unique. Meg pointed this one out. Mmmmm....coca cola
I bought 1,500 ladybugs while I was there. When I got home to Lincoln, Shawn helped me release them. They immediately started mating, which I suppose is a good thing although during all this mating there was no aphid-eating. Which is why I freed them from captivity.

The next morning the breeding frenzy was over and a lot less aphids were hanging around. Hopefully they were eaten and the ladybugs were reenergized after all that procreation.
Little monkey boy Tyler got his annual "summer buzz."
A special thanks to Shawn, for going ahead and doing this without asking for my help (or notifying me that this was even going to happen).

He likes to squat down and point the ladybugs out to us. Over and Over. And then a couple more times. And just in case we missed it the first 13 times, he points them out again.

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