Aug 22, 2011

A Birthday Party

Tyler had 6 of his friends over this weekend to help celebrate his 3rd birthday.  Needless to say, he was wound up all day.

Grandma Rita made him a beautiful "Cars" quilt.  We all loved it!  And Tyler HAD TO sleep with it that night.

The pinata was kind of hard to break open, but they eventually got it.

The title of this photo is "Ketchup-face"
He ignored all his friends for a while and played with his new toys.

Inside we decorated cupcakes, which proved to be as messy as you'd think.

Happy Birthday Punkin!!

The present-opening was a hit also....Although everyone commented on how slowly he unwraps presents.  We had snivelly scraps of wrapping paper all over the yard after he was done.

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