Aug 1, 2011

It's Fair Time!

Once again, I volunteered with the County Fair.  This means I had to go over to Helena a few times to help with the indoor entries.  It also means I have a good excuse to enter in flowers and veggies to try and win ribbons.
Tyler won a blue ribbon for his "boot scootin' " flower arrangement. (Dad helped him assemble it)

My rhubarb won blue for its deep maroon color, and Tyler got a red ribbon

His "Nature's Treasures" wildflower pot.  Picked from out back behind our house!

My lettuce.  Believe me when I say it was fluffy and full of body!  It was definitely wilted 5 days after being picked.
  Then after we checked out our ribbons and winnings ($23 for Tyler, and $24 for me!) we hit the carnival.  Bummer that they won't let pregnant women on rides--I sure would have liked to get on these germy things and go round and round.

The Farmer drives the train

Talk about a happy boy!

Unfortunately, he started to feel sick towards the end of the night.  We had to leave the rodeo early due to his fever.  Must have been fast-acting germs.

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  1. Hi Jackie hope Tyler got rid of his germs. Can't wait till Fri to see both of you. It's suppose to be hot 90 and humid here over the weekend. Have a safe trip Aunt Marie