Oct 3, 2011

Fun with Straw

This weekend, while in Belgrade/Bozeman, we went to a Strawbale Maze.  Wow was it fun! Really!
Tyler, cousin Matthew, and friend Paige had a blast, even though it was 88 degrees and like a dry tinderbox walking between the bales. 
Tyler is in a phase where he has major preferences in clothes--out of all the "cool kid" outfits he has, he demands to wear the Cars t-shirt and dorky green shorts.
We had to find clues, and fill out cards in order to win a candy prize at the end.

Can you believe this was the weather on October 1st, in Montana??  Just gorgeous.  It was a beautiful setting and great idea.

This is my most favorite picture of Tyler.  He was obsessed with riding this train, and kept watching for the conductor and other kids to get on.  He was so hot and sweaty but determined not to miss the ride.
"Can someone tell me what's going on here?"

GULP!  Everyone was soooo thirsty and hot, but refused to leave.  Matthew still had his padded pants on from playing football that morning.
Too fun.  Highly recommended (but maybe on a day with more seasonal temps).

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