Oct 31, 2011

How it's done around here...

I've probably talked about it before, but in this town the kids (school age or younger) walk around in the afternoon trick or treating at local businesses.
It was SOOOOO windy, but these guys kept truckin' on.  This is one of the parents,  helping pull the kids along.

Here they go into the new coffeeshop to get some goodies!

Finally we made it back to daycare and the car.  The kids were pooped.

 And they had runny noses...

In the car on the way home I didn't think Tyler would stay awake.  But I guess the sugary sucker helped with that.

Then during supper he really wiped out.  He actually ate the stuffed zucchini I made with his eyes closed.  Phew, another Halloween down with many more to go!

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