Oct 25, 2011

Getting Firewood

The weather has been so unpredictable lately.  We have been taking what the weather forecasts say, subtracting 10 degrees, and then adding in wind and rain and that seems to give us an accurate prediction.  On Sunday, it was cold and rainy at our house, and 10 miles away sunny and breezy.  We got another load of firewood because we all wanted to be outside and there is no such thing as "too much wood."

Tyler and I took a walk while Shawn cut down some trees.  It was a very pretty day.

There is no lack of dead trees.

I was able to play the "pregnancy card" and not help a whole lot.  I went for a little walk on my own, and came back to see the little munchkin picking up logs and handing them to dad.  It was very cute to see him huffing and puffing and running around looking for small chunks to pick up.

It is a good sign that he wants to help---because I am guessing he has a life of "firewood-gettin'" in front of him.

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