Jul 24, 2012


A few years ago I found a website where the author talked about noticing the Grace in Small Things. 
Something today made me stop and take note of some amazing things going on around me. 
I was not down in the dumps or depressed, I just had an epiphany of sorts.

Red Heritage corn from the recent "Bountiful Baskets" delivery.
(it's like a CSA but not local produce)
I have never had this before!

My tiny and hot front porch garden.  A pumpkin, two tomatoes, and three zucchini.
I envy others who have amazing and flourishing gardens, but at least I own some earth in which to grow things.  And these plants came from Lincoln, just like us.

My skinny and happy little boy loves the chocolate zucchini bread I made.
I may imply that Tyler and Cash make me crazy, but today Cash brought me so much joy with his crawling maneuvers. 
I had tears in my eyes....from laughing so hard.

If we walk 100 yards down the road we have a view of the Bighorn Mountains. 

Every night Tyler and I go out and admire the sunset. 
We have a lot of trees in the way of the main event, but the colors through the leaves are incredible. 
Sunsets in Wyoming are stunning, and Tyler points out all the purples, blues, pinks, and oranges.
I'm happy we can go out in the evenings and share the beauty.


  1. Nice view Tyler is getting so tall aunt Marie

  2. Those cottonwoods make me happy.