Jul 11, 2012

Today's Walk

When we walk down the road that goes by our house, we pass only two houses, but the road keeps going and there is a lot to see. 
Some things we saw this morning:
Above-knee-high corn.  Bighorn Mtns off in the background.

An old cabin

One of MANY small irrigation ditches

And a TRAIN!!  Tyler is very happy to live so near an active rail line.

Looking back up the road towards our house.  The pipes in the ditch water the fields.

People drive up and down the roads all day moving the pipes so that other parts of the fields get watered. 
What a job, there are HUNDREDS of ditches and must be thousands of pipes!


  1. Who is that bowlegged little cowboy with the cool hat looking down the ditch?

  2. How do they get the water to run into the smaller pipes? Someone have to suck on the other end to start a siphon? Dad