Jul 20, 2012

It's HOT!

This was the view out our window for most of the day Wednesday.  It was pretty entertaining watching these machines move dirt around. 
The soil they dug up was very rocky and had a lot of clay.  Kind of what we expected, but it would have been super if it had turned out to be perfect black soil.

Droopy Drawers
This kid is full of piss and vinegar.  For about 20 minutes a day he is a sweet little baby, but most of the time he is telling me what's up.
(Could be the next set of teeth that are starting to come in)

My first tomato!  From a plant I brought from Lincoln.  I think they are "Early Girl" and they are troopers for starting out in little pots, moving across state lines, and being planted in the desert.

Doesn't Tyler look like a big kid?  He no longer looks like a little boy; he is starting to mature.  He is still sweet and a cutie pie to me though.

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