Oct 8, 2010

House of Sky

Back in 1998, when I was in college, I worked for a Wildlife Biologist named Bob. It was a work study position and came to less than 12 hours a week. Every day when I arrived to work I never knew quite what to expect; once I hung signs on roads, another time did hunting data entry, I also helped work at a hunting game check station, and another day sadly held a clipboard as the biologists euthanized a grizzly bear. Bob and I would go for drives occasionally to look at different hunting areas, or respond to public phone calls. We traveled around the Missoula area, mostly coming up to the Blackfoot Valley. Back then I had hopes and dreams of living in a log cabin in the area, with my husband, kids, and of course a dog. I never knew those dreams would come true, because here I am--living that 19 year old kid's dream. There are times I complain quite a bit about my house and the town I'm in but then I get the chances to remember why, 12 years ago, I had those dreams.

If only Bob knew that the roads he took me on back then would be part of the place I work now. I sometimes think of him when I get a chance to remember why I love it here. Back then he would tell me different books to read to get to know Montana better. He always said "'This House of Sky' by Ivan Doig, there aren't any better than that." I read that book and all the others by that author, sometimes more than once. The title fits Montana so well and I thought of it yesterday as I looked out across the Valley.

I went ATV riding with two others yesterday to check out a trail that goes along ridges, through trees, and up and down and around. My knees are sore and tired today, but the views we had were worth any minor aches and pains. I'm not usually a proponent of ATVs, but that is what the trail is created and used for, and I will admit it was lots of fun.
Only time will tell if my next set of dreams will come true, or the prayers be answered, but I have to say that at this point in my life I feel very blessed and fortunate. Thanks to everyone who leave comments or tell me how lucky I am--each one makes my heart happy.


  1. Beautiful post. It gave me goosebumps. And makes me wish I got out more. Part time is the best of both, I think. I'm envious!