Oct 4, 2010

The last of my NH photos

I realized that nothing new has been going on here because I keep putting on vacation pictures from 2 weeks ago! Oh well, at least they're nice photos.
The Rumney town common had a fountain that we wished and threw pennies into. My wish did not come true and neither did Shawn's. Mine is a secret but his was to have smooth flights home. I guess his came true sort of--we made it home but it was a long, bumpy, and frantic trip.

The swimming hole just down the road...
I entertained the idea of jumping in but never did since we were flying out later that day.

Dad's music group, "Rhubarb Pie"

And my favorite thing of all...

It tasted soooo good and I wished I could have taken some home on the plane with me. Tyler loved it too. We picked apples from the tree in the yard and neighbor's yard. The worms and brown spots just enhanced the flavor.

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