Oct 29, 2010

More MI

The Farmer's Market was full of Gourds---all together, they were quite the characters.
 I picked one out, and even had it as a carry-on in the plane ride home.

We met up with some pals from High School days....

Sarah, Jackie, Betsy, Mollie, Becky (8.5 months pregnant), Sue (3 months pregnant)
  I could have walked on the beach in Manistee all day.
 We climbed up one little structure on the edge of a pier and I was immediately slightly afraid of heights and seasick.

In Pentwater we went to the Bitchen Kitchen where I bought a couple of kitchen things, and we looked at the neato cottages.

We went to Silver Lake sand dunes also--which I had never heard of.  I loved it!  I could have spent all day THERE also!

the person with the devil horns is not actually a devil...

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