Oct 12, 2010

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Ummmmm, a cow in the front yard is not an everyday occurrence.
Our Columbus Day holiday was spent helping out this cattle truck driver. He swerved to avoid colliding with another driver. His options were either to pile into the other car, or hit the ditch. He chose the ditch.
Two cows died in the truck, and one that had limped to the neighbor's backyard had to be put down later. It was a mess, with scared cows running everywhere. Tyler enjoyed it, constantly saying "truck, mess, cow, wreck, uh-oh" throughout the day. We had cows in our yard, in the back, and up and down the highway. Shawn was able to help out extensively, and the rest of us did the best we could.


  1. You guys have the most exciting and interesting lives of anyone we know.


  2. Steak for dinner anyone?

  3. "Truck, cow, Mess, uh-oh". Too cute! Seems like they have to repeat it to make sure it's real.

  4. It is exciting or interesting, however it would be nice to just sit and read a book sometimes!!