Sep 19, 2011


Even with the poor growing conditions we've had, I still was able to harvest some things from my garden and greenhouse.  Little pumpkins, yellow squash, cukes, tomatoes, onions...(we grabbed some for a picture, actually have a few more cutie little pumpkins)
I commented to Shawn last night that as much as I love making things from scratch and using homegrown vegetables, it is A LOT of work. 
I felt like I was in the kitchen all weekend! 
Homemade tomato soup, a double recipe to freeze of meatloaf (elk, garlic, onions, zucchini from our harvest), roasted carrots, coffee cake (our raspberries and huckleberries)....and I was spent from stirring, mixing, washing, drying, and cleaning.

Good thing I had canned tomatoes a couple of weeks ago.  For the time and effort and money put into these they are priceless!

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