Sep 15, 2011

Picking Pomatoes

Tyler and some of his preschool friends walked over to the Community Garden this week and picked some veggies to snack on and learn about.  Tyler was super excited to pick things, but not so excited to eat them.  He found carrots, peas, onions, peppers, some "Pomatoes" (tomatoes) and "Pomatoes" (potatoes).  (He hasn't quite remembered which is which, so they are both called the same thing.)

Here they are in the pea-tee-pee...or maybe tee-pea?? 
Outside of the structure is frosted-top unbloomed sunflowers, frosted tomatoes, and frosted pumpkin vines.  but at least the Peas are survivors!!

BFF Wyatt loooved eating peas.  His mom was pleased.

The teachers and kids show off their bounty.  Do you notice the size of the radishes the girl in the front left has?  They have been left all summer, and the teachers were considering carving them as a project.

Then they walked back to daycare and I went back to work.  I loved seeing how excited they were, and how happily they got along.  I love kids :)

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  1. Tyler and Wyatt holding hands is just the cutest thing. So sweet.