Sep 28, 2011

On pregnancy

I Dislike being called "cute."  When you have gained 30 pounds and can only wear baggy sheets, there is no feeling of "cuteness."  I only say this because my boss (who has two kids) frequently says this.  Along with "are you feelin' it yet?" as I waddle down the hallway. 
ummmm, yeah.
I also miss picking up Tyler and carrying him around.  Soon I will be able to do that again, but right now I can't, and I barely have a lap so I can't even sit with him on my lap.  This makes me sad :(

He has been a pretty big goofball lately.  He was out riding his rocking horse and had a pre-school necklace on that was flinging around.  Funny guy.  Needs a haircut.

Someone told me I will want to look back and see pregnancy pictures, so here is one I can look back on.

And the final shot is one Tyler took.  He is getting pretty good with the camera.  Shawn is holding the cover to the used carseat we purchased.  It's washed and ready to go, unlike all the baby clothes and blankets sitting in boxes in the house. (there's still time..?)
(notice how brown and crispy it is?  It hasn't rained significantly since August 25th)

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