Sep 13, 2011

State Park Saturday

"I am going somewhere this weekend!!!" 
After two looong weekends with nothing going on (Shawn was either working or hunting), I insisted we leave home and go on a road trip.
So we went to Lewis and Clark Caverns, but didn't go into the caves because the Rangers indicated that a 32-week pregnant girl and 3 year old kid would not have the most fun.  There were little pathways to look around at, and a fake cave to stand in.
We'll be back!

Then we kept on a-drivin' and hit some back roads and new scenery and ate lunch in a small town.  Our next stop was Headwaters State Park (Three Forks).
 Do any other families drive 3 hours to take their kids on a bike ride?  We are sorely lacking bike-riding spots at home, so we brought Tyler's and he cruised around on the paved paths.
Then after riding for a while and dipping our feet into the river to cool off, we headed off to get groceries and go home.  A much better way to spend the day than sitting in my small house.

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