May 9, 2012

Cash *6 months*

My sweet little boy is now 6 months old.  He is settling down in a lot of ways, sleeping better, eating purees really well, and drinking like a pro from a bottle.  His sleeping is getting better, and that's all I can ask for...anything is better than what it was.
Cash likes exploring the world with his mouth.  Today I discovered him sucking on a hairy eyeball.  It was a sticky toy of Tyler's that had been rolling around on the carpet since Halloween.  It is much cleaner now!
"somebody forgot to put the ice cream in here"

He's also sitting by himself really well, which makes it very easy to set him down and do something for 15 minutes. 
I remember thinking about Tyler "I love this age" every time he became a month older.  I'm loving this age of Cash, he is starting to get his personality and he and Tyler really "play" sometimes.

workin' on popping his 4th tooth

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  1. Love this picture he's getting big Guess I'll wait till you move to your new house to vist. I get to see a new area Happy Mother's Day Aunt Marie