May 6, 2012

House Hunting Follies

Our trip to Wyoming was only 3 1/2 days long, but in that time span I sat in my car far more than I ever want to again.  I guess I could sit in my car for a long time again if we were going on a trip, not going back and forth between towns and looking for addresses and slowing down and stopping and backing up and turning around all hours of the day. 
It is amazing how many different types of homes there are in the world.  We kept finding the perfect house, but in a terrible area, or a perfect area with a shab-tastic house.  Shawn and I enjoyed being alone together without kids (Thank You to Shawn's parents!!); we enjoyed eating non-frantic dinners, watched what we wanted in the hotel, and talked more than we have in quite a while.
There were some doozies we checked out:

Rental unit in Byron, WY. 
Perfect for the short-term!
(not really--it had no appliances and smelled like an old closet.)

This part of Wyoming has tons of plants. 
As in Sugar Beet plants, Natural Gas plants...

A typical home in the town of Lovell or Byron. 
The little planter has a sign saying "Byron yard of the week."  It doesn't take much to impress some people I guess.

This house was up on a hill, had a great view and seemed very spacious...

But the 30 foot deep concrete cistern that was 40 feet from the house was probably not going to work with two small children. (It held reserve water for a downslope cannery)

This road was nice and quiet.

There was even a friendly farmer plowing his field

And the house for sale was pretty nice.  Considering the other places we looked at, it had privacy and some character to the yard.

But the irrigation ditch in the side yard worries me. 
We would have to fence it off or teach the boys how to swim lickety-split.
Who knows what will happen, but this may be the place we hang our hats!

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  1. I just realized you had this blog! Reading back through some of your posts...are you moving?