May 23, 2012


I signed up to do an online 30 Day Vegan workshop
It started Monday, and while it's tough making everything from scratch, I'm enjoying trying new recipes.
The rest of the family "gets" to eat the new things I make.
I'm not going overboard, and if I want a glass of milk I will have one--it's just a month of trying new things and trying to be aware of what we are eating.  This would be a lot easier if it were further along in the summer, and I had better access to fresh produce from the garden or farmer's markets.
Monday night we had squash and apple soup, which I have made other times, especially in the fall.  The nice thing about some of this is that Cash can eat it, too.  There's nothing processed or overly advanced for his little tummy.
The Green Smoothie I have been having for breakfast is not my favorite.  Cash had applesauce while I slugged down the drink.  It is supposed to be made with kale and several fruits, but I didn't have kale so I used spinach I had frozen from last year's garden. 
It turned out a little too spinachy. 
If a person didn't know better, they would look for tadpoles swimming around in the jar.


  1. Looks like Cash is ready to chow down some vegetarian food!

  2. Does this mean that when I come to visit in two weeks you won't make me an elk steak?