Dec 2, 2012

Our Holiday Home

We had a little party the other night, and I used it as an excuse to get irritated at everyone, throw a few fits, eat too much sugar, and get the house "clean."  Luckily the guests came after all my rants about messes in the living room and spilled crackers in the kitchen.
I thought the Christmas beer cooler/wagon was a classy touch

 I tried to spruce up the place, inside and out.
These oreo truffles were a hit.  As always, I am skeptical about recipes I find on Pinterest, but these were worth the little time and effort.


This is the first time we have a stair railing to decorate.  There is a total lack of evergreen trees near us so I used tacky garland and lights instead.

Oh yes, Shawn's first successful Wyoming pheasant hunt (don't most people carry around their dead birds?)
  They decided to not move out of the way while I took a photo of our fake trees.

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  1. It never benefits anyone to throw fits, rant about messes in the house or over spilled crackers in your kitchen. You have little children for God's sake and that IS what they do. Glad you have able to take evening walks for yourself. Every little time away gives a Mom a different perspective. plus it gives you opportunity to take those fabulous photos you publish. Do you know you are so good at photography? Have you taken lessons about that subject or does it come naturally? and writing too. you are pretty darn good at it. keep posting. i don't log on often but when i do, sure enjoy the time spent on your blog. Happy Holidays to you and the family. Love, Linda