Dec 17, 2012

Sunday brought a frosty morning, where all the trees and shrubs were coated white.  On the way to church, Tyler asked why the branches held the snow, and so we had a conversation about dew and frost and fog.  
It all shimmered for a while, and then disappeared back into the air.
After lunch, the sun was out, and Shawn took us to a nearby hunting spot where we looked for pheasant, geese, ducks, rabbits, deer, monsters, and other things. 

Before we let him out of the truck, Decker was a pile of vibrating muscles.  He couldn't wait to put nose to ground and begin smelling.  With all the walking and bird hunting he's been doing, he is becoming a muscular Lab like in his younger days.

It's hard to be cold when the sun is so warm.   I am allergic to pretty much everything in this photo.

Tyler has become a champion at walking, hunting, and looking for creatures.  He has entered the stage where questions are difficult.  Some make me laugh, like "when will Cash be older than me?"  And others make my heart hurt: "why do those kids get shot?" 

I wish I had all the answers. 

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