Dec 12, 2012

Snow Day

It's no surprise that I was bitter about the winters we had in Lincoln.  They were too long, cold, and windy for my preferences, and I felt so far removed from any cultural experiences.  Ask me how many movies, plays, or concerts I have seen in a theater in the last 10 years; I can count it on one hand. EDITED: I was thinking about this statement, and it is totally wrong.  I make us sound like dullards!  In the winter, we went to tons of school plays and sporting events, and had great times with friends, tried contra-dancing, and made a point to go a couple times a month to something new and interesting. Phew! We're not that boring!
Now, where we live snow is not very common. I admit I was excited to watch out the window and see it pile up, and Tyler had plans to go sledding after the first flakes began to fall.

There was a heavy fog layer overnight, and the morning started out COLD. 

When the fog burned off and the sun came out the boys and I headed out to play.  This is the first year that Cash will enjoy winter, and he was bending down to touch it all afternoon.  Since we moved here in June, this part of the Bighorn Basin has had sun almost every day.  A blinding sun in the huge sky.  No Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder here...

our house, from across the road.
 In our wanderings, I opened up the Christmas beer cooler which still had some soldiers in it.  It didn't fare so well in the below-freezing air--the solid chunk of beer, ice, and 7up was so intriguing to these kids.

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