Jan 1, 2013

Attempting a happy new year

Last night, during a commercial break in the movie Avatar, we went outside with some sparklers.  We didn't have fireworks, or a fancy New Year's Eve party to go to, so we played funny dance music, ate nachos, and watched movies.
It was snowing lightly, and was dark and quiet out.

Cash lost a boot, and was not necessarily having fun. The rest of us were trying to.  Woohoo.

Now, looking at this next photo, my stomach clenches up.  This is the last photo I snapped before Tyler started shreiking and crying about his leg.  The camera ended up in the snow, Shawn dropped a screaming Cash, and we tore Tyler's boots and pants off.  A spark landed on a little frayed hole in the jeans of Tyler's pants and caught on fire.  You can see it in the picture, and that's what makes me shudder.  He ended up with a blistery burned kneecap and a large red area, and we will keep watching it.
After this craziness settled down, I pulled out some chocolate zucchini bread from the freezer, bundled Tyler in some blankets on the couch, and we finished watching Avatar.  Next year we will have to find a party to go to.

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  1. Honestly I've always been very scared of sparklers. Fireworks in your hand? Yipes. Hope he heals quickly. Poor little buddy.