Jan 13, 2013


Lately our backyard has been wild with birds
Goldfinches, Redpolls, and others go through a feederfull of seed each day

Zillions of ducks circle each night and land in the fields and feedlot below us

Ack!  Shawn shot this goose.  What a beauty (?)

Blackbirds lined the trees this afternoon and had loud, raucous conversations

These two turkeys were inside the house, making messes and  keeping us busy!
Cash feels better with all his clothes off.


  1. Maybe Shawn should have let the eagle fly away with the goose.

    Cash looks like a baby version of the Monopoly banker dude.


  2. The goose wasn't dead and it was able to fight off the eagle. Otherwise I think it would have taken it away. The goose meat is in the freezer, saved for a day when we are craving goose meat (?)