Jan 29, 2013

Salt Lake and George Strait

This weekend, BFF Meg and I took a road trip to Utah to see George Strait in concert.  We met up with some friends there to see the show, then spent a day walking and shopping in the city.
Wind River Canyon on our way down
All dolled up to see George
It's his farewell tour, so he sang lots of great songs
and reminisced quite a bit.  

SLC had an Outdoor Gear expo, and lots of trendy people
were in town wearing fancy outdoor clothes.
We were envious.

Fog and Smog hung around most of the time we were there.
I'm used to dry, sunny skies so it was kind of different.

We only made it to two breweries,
and were surprised how many there were to choose from

Walking around the Mormon Temple

Mormon Tabernacle

It was noticeably Mormon-y around this part of the city.
Giant Jesus didn't take a good photo; he was too glowy.

Meg and I checked out our heritage in one of the buildings.
We wanted to make sure  there weren't any secret Mormons in our lineages.

The mountains around Salt Lake showed off as we headed home :(
It was too fun of a weekend and the fog and smog lifted on our way out of the city.

One Mormon tour guide said our coats were cheery and warm.  This of course became the joke of the weekend.  I look at the pictures now and we DO look pretty cheery.

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  1. Looks like a great girls trip! I think I need a trip like that.