Jan 6, 2013

I started this blog post a millon different ways, and can't find one that I like.  It was a day filled with ups and downs, like a lot of them.  Our drive to Pahaska Tepee ski area between Cody and Yellowstone was a couple of hours, and Cash screamed for most of that time.  It was hard for me to tell Shawn how excited I was, mainly because I was trying to ignore Cash and talk louder than his unnecessary shreiking.

Anyway, we rented brand new skis for Tyler in Cody and he was able to go for his very first time.  I really enjoyed the sunshine and beautiful scenery. 

We didn't make it very far, only about a half hour into the trail system, but that's ok, patience is necessary when trying to get a little guy hooked on a sport.

For lunch, we brought a grill and hot dogs and after getting them sufficiently charred, sat on the big porch and munched.  There were definitely happier people picnicking around the world I'd imagine.  But we made the effort, and now when we look back at pictures I will tell Cash that he made every trip twice as difficult, but that it made us try and enjoy it harder.  He will owe me some nice mother's day gifts in the future.

Behind us in this photo is the closed road on the way into Yellowstone.  It is groomed a few miles for skiing/snowmobiling but we didn't make it that far.

 President Teddy Roosevelt called the stretch of highway between Cody, WY and the East Gate of Yellowstone National Park "the fifty most beautiful miles in America".
I found this on several websites talking about the area: 
The fifty miles referred to by President Roosevelt, located between Yellowstone and Cody, is known as East Yellowstone. East Yellowstone, also known as Wapiti Valley, begins at Yellowstone National Park's East gate and stretches through Shoshone National Forest and Buffalo Bill State Park to Cody, Wyoming. The valley was shaped by the Shoshone River as it flowed out of Yellowstone National Park and is cradled by the strikingly beautiful volcanic rocks of the Absaroka Mountains.

Despite the cranky baby and occasionally frustrated four-year-old, I am glad we went.  The woods and wildlife we saw were beautiful, and it's another "adventure with kids" to remember.

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  1. Does Shawn even remember tasting that hot dog??? ~Shelly (I remember being on that stretch of highway in the summer...I imagine it is even more beautiful right now! Great photos!)