Oct 13, 2013

A Night Away

Friday afternoon we drove to Billings to stay the night at hotel.  We found one with a waterpark inside, and decided that was just what the family needed.
Ready to swim

Cash has a great sense of style

It was a little chilly in there until you started to move around.
Cash was overwhelmed with all the water and noise.

The next day we swam again, and went to a Corn Maze.  Some friends met us there so we had a group of kiddos to follow around.  There were other activities at the maze, which was good because at $9 a person it was kind of pricey.  I would have enjoyed it more if it was dry, warmer, and not so hard (but it was still fun).

Riley, Kyla, and Tyler

It was very muddy, and everyone was slipping and sliding and falling.

Yes, we were lost.  We only made it halfway and then bailed.  Shawn would have liked to do the whole thing but the kids were getting annoyed (maybe I was, too).

"Why is she crying?"

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