Oct 20, 2013

Buddies, Sugar, Pumpkins, and Dress-up

I was finally able to organize a play afternoon with some of Tyler's pals from school.  Declan and Payton came over and I was a little nervous--when other kids are here my boys become wild men. And I usually can't deal with all the ruckus.
Frosting sugar cookies
Little did I know that having two sweet kids visit would make all the difference!  They played "family" for hours; taking turns being the mom and dad.  
I laughed endlessly at their arguments, where do they get this stuff???  "Mom" and "Dad" bickered continually about whose turn it was to go to work, and who had to stay home and take care of the "baby."  There was a lot of hand-holding as they walked from room to room.  At one point Payton had on a cowboy hat, Tyler had a wig on, and Declan had a fake mustache on. 

Their completed pumpkins.  Payton's (far right) had lots of dots poked into it because she said it was crying.

Pre-carving.  They were drawing pictures on the pumpkins so that I could carve them.
Declan put as many mini-marshmallows on his cookie as possible.
This is not Cash's Halloween costume.  He normally wears very colorful outfits.

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