Oct 13, 2013

Lessons From the Garden

1.  Just because carrots are huge on top doesn't mean they are longer than 3".
Everything we have picked so far has been fat and short, most likely due to the heavy soil.

2.  Just because I work at a greenhouse and he gives me extra tomatillo and tomato plants doesn't mean I need to plant them.
I had way too many tomatillos and cherry tomatoes.
2a.  Don't plant "Orange Wellington" tomatoes near beefsteaks and neglect to label them.  You will never remember what is supposed to get orange, and what is supposed to ripen to red. 

3.  Brussels sprouts are worth the wait

4.  The less you tidy up during the summer, the more you have to clean up after the growing season is done.

5.  The $0.75 lady figurine that you buy in June with the intent to paint with retro-whacked-out-cool colors may eventually be dwarfed by squash and pumpkins.  She will still have the same ice blue eyes in October.  Maybe next year... 

6.  Take caution when planting something labeled "prolific."
I had quite a few giant snake gourds.  And many little decorative gourds that took over.  They kept the onions and cabbages from getting very big.

7. It doesn't matter what it is, chickens will mess it up.

Finally painted my mailbox.

This was a volunteer plant of "jack be nimble" pumpkins.  Tyler and I counted after all were harvest and we were up to 93.  This wasn't counting all the ones I gave away or put inside the house.

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