Jun 12, 2010


In Libby this weekend, there was an "Incredi-Bull" event. (That's what it was actually called!)
A lot of area cowboys came out and rode the bulls, and Tyler, Matthew, Rita and I watched them all.
This guy on the horse is someone Shawn went to High School with.

This clown made creatures out of balloons, and Tyler got a turtle to wear on his wrist.
We also met up with some cousins that were in town for a soccer game.
Tyler liked the bulls, and told me one day that he wanted to be a Rodeo King.
(or maybe that was just a dream I had)


  1. Oh phew! I thought, holy crap! Tyler said all of that...Reagan can't any of that :)

  2. haha Molly, tyler JUST mastered "mommy" so don't feel bad!