Jun 8, 2010

A really true fish story

This week is flying by; I am not sitting around wondering what to do. Last night Shawn and I went fishing.
We left right after work and headed to Holter Lake to fish for the evening. It was perfect weather for us, calm, sunny, 60s in temperature.

I'm sure Decker thinks he is back to being the "baby" of the family. He has gotten more attention lately from us.

As always, Shawn was seeking the elusive walleye. We were out for hours without a bite. I started to dig through the tackle box and use lures that had never seen the light of day. None of them worked. Then Shawn said "I think I have caught a log." then..."I think maybe it's a whale. Or the biggest walleye in the world." So he reeled for quite a while and fought with this mysterious fish. He then handed the rod to me, needing to give his arms a break.

It's a good thing he did...there was no way I would have been able to net this giant carp! He had to manhandle it into the net while I held the rod. What a riot. I have never laughed so hard at a fish. Seriously! Look at this pig, it weighed about 30 pounds and was way over 2 feet long. We took trophy pictures of it and then kerplopped it back into the water. Then we went turned the boat around and headed back toward the docks to go home for the night...no other fish in the lake would have been able to top that thing.

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