Jun 3, 2010

Tyler and Pie

I tried to come up with an idea for Shawn's birthday cake, but didn't feel like going to the store to buy any special ingredients to make one. I flipped through this wonderful Pie cookbook that was written by my parent's friend and found a recipe for "Tyler Pie." I was sold by the name and the simple ingredients. It was perfect! It had at least two sticks of butter and a sack of sugar in it.
Full of sugar and spice, just like the real Tyler :)

Speaking of Tyler, he announced that he would like to go on another vacation.

I told him it was out of the question; his behavior at the Comfort Inn last weekend grounded him from any hotel vacations in the near future.
He wasn't too thrilled to hear that.

In other news, my blender broke so I can't make my belly-blasting smoothie to help lessen the impact of eating the pie, and the 12 hummingbirds I counted at my feeder last night are starting to eat me out of my sugar supply. (well, maybe that will help with the belly problem)

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