Jun 14, 2010

Green with Envy

Tyler and I had a great time in Libby, the weather was perfect and it was really relaxing.
The garden they planted this year is big, with lots of room to plant things outside, and a greenhouse to put sensitive things inside.
The plants have a great view out there.

Mustard Greens

(about 4 times the size of mine)

(about 21 times the size of mine)

Tyler liked playing in the garden. He had lots of new things out there to build with.
Tater, as always, was content.

Patriotic Plants
(Talk about "Going Green," the sunflowers and other plants grow well in these little campaign sign shelters)

I spent my 31st birthday doing something I love--Weeding! My garden at home hasn't had enough growth for even the weeds to come up so I am not yet burned out on pulling weeds.
Lincoln unfortunately had frost two nights in a row this weekend, so when I got home from Libby I was met with some death in my garden. Oh well, at least it is still early in the season.

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