Jan 22, 2012

30 Day Challenge: Bullet your whole day

Today was not a very exciting day for us--we were worn out from yesterday!  If I did have to outline what we did it would go something like this:  get up, nurse Cash, eat breakfast, clean the house, nurse Cash, bake bread, help tyler paint, nurse Cash....blah blah.  Yesterday was MUCH more fun so I will talk about that instead.
  • I got up and scarfed down breakfast and decided that the cold I have wasn't bad enough to prevent me from having a fun day; we were heading out of town for several hours.
  • We had treacherous roads and very scary driving for a while because it rained after all that snow and the highway was pretty icy.  We wanted to be careful and not get in a wreck because we were going to Helena to...
  • ICE SKATE!!  It was mine and Tyler's first time out, and we had so much fun.  He unbelievabley kept his tongue out the entire time; I am not sure if it was concentration or to keep his upper lip clean.  After about an hour he started to ask if he could play.  I said Sure! and he layed down on the ice and started to play with ice chunks and snow.  Guess it was time to go...we worked up quite an appetite, so we....
  • Ate at Perkins!  We haven't been there in a long time and it was a great meal. 
  • We went over to Wal-Mart where it was so packed, I think everyone in town was there.  In fact we saw quite a few people we knew.
  • Costco was next where we loaded up on some essentials (diapers mainly, because it is much cheaper for us to buy in bulk there than at our over-priced local market).  We also bought Turbo-tax and will be doing our taxes in the next few weeks. yay.
  • Headed home (it's an hour on a dry-road day) and had to stop every 20 minutes because Cash was going nuts.  He was over tired and hungry and I had to nurse him to settle him down.  The downfalls of living an hour away...
  • We didn't stay home very long because we went to a friends house to eat dinner and play games.  I knew everyone was tired but as soon as we got to their house we got our second wind and Tyler and the kids had a ball while the adults laughed and talked.
  • Finally got home and put Tyler to bed but Cash was still out of sorts so it wasn't until 11:00 before I laid my head down on my pillow.  He still was unsettled for a little while but eventually fell asleep.
Phew, it makes me sound busy but that is normally how it goes when I need to run errands.  Pictures from our fun event----

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