Jan 13, 2012

30 Day Challenge: Favorite Musician and Why

I really like all kinds of music, and can't say that I have one that stands out above the others.  I just like to listen to it all.  The one band that I always stop the radio on when I hear them playing is Led Zeppelin.  I've just always liked them since I first heard them on my Dad's records or my sister's CDs, can't remember which. 
I like most Country music because I can sing along, Classical music because my mind can wander, and Rock and newer music because it makes me want to dance around (especially since Tyler has really started to dance, and I got a Wii Dance Game for Christmas).
My favorite instrument is the guitar.  I wish I could actually commit to learning to play the guitar.  Every year I practice for a couple of weeks and then something comes up and it starts collecting dust again.  Maybe after the boys are older and there is not a steady stream of laundry and dishes...

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