Jan 18, 2012

30 Day Challenge: something I crave a lot

I crave lots of things, and here are my top 3:

The first one is a no-brainer.  Thanks mom, for passing your sweet-tooth gene down to me!

I crave sunshine and warm weather. 
I am slowly becoming a person who dislikes snow and winter.  I do enjoy outdoor activities in snow, but for the last few years with little kids around I haven't been able to get out much, and maybe this has made me forget how much fun it is. 
Oh well... give me sand and a beach and 80 degrees and I'd be pretty content. 
And for the last 4 months I've craved sleep.  Cash is a decent sleeper but it still is exhausting getting up 2 times in the middle of the night with him.  My problem is that whenever I wake up with him, it takes me forever to fall back asleep.  And the last couple of months during my pregnancy I was very uncomfortable so I didn't sleep well then either.  I guess that's why they invented coffee!


  1. I have a horrible sweet tooth. And once it strikes, I can't stop with just one piece or one taste of something, I have to eat it all! It's awful!!!!!!

    I love the beach and I would love constant warmish weather - around 75*, not too hot and not too cold.

    Your little ones are adorable!

  2. I will take all 3! How about taking a nap on the beach after enjoying a delicious slice of chocolate cake? Sounds like a plan to me! LOL

    I'm not a huge fan of winter either, especially since my illnesses have gotten more progressive (I really miss skiing!). If its going to be cold, I want snow. Otherwise - give me warm weather and sunshine!