Jan 25, 2012

30 Day Challenge: Something I miss

The first thing that popped into my head was that I miss my family.  My close and extended family, and Shawn's family.  We are all spread out across the world and it is rare when everyone gets together. 
The second thing I thought of were the people who have died that I don't get to be around anymore.
But I am not too sad about all this because we do get to see each other throughout the year--holidays or ball games or other events.
Then I realized that the third thing, the thing I probably REALLY miss the most, is the freedom I used to have before having kids.  I love them dearly, but what I wouldn't give to take a shower in peace, not carry around a diaper bag, spontaneously go for a walk, or not wash my hands 50 times a day!

"But Mom, we LOVE you!"


  1. We are away from family too so I understand about missing family! My family is about 5 hours away and while they are able to come visit fairly often (usually every 2-3 months), I would love to be able to pop over to their place for dinner or have a weekday lunch with my mom.