Jan 22, 2012

30 Day Challenge: Catching Up

Meaning behind my blog name:
There is a beef jerky factory and gift store in town named Hi-Country and it is one of the bigger employers, (which isn't saying much since it probably employs about 30 people).  I thought it was kind of catchy, and add in the fact that we are at an elevation of about 4500' so we really DO live at a higher elevation than most people.  The gift shop is almost exclusively Made in Montana  gifts, and some days I take the boys down to just walk around, sample some jerky and look at other things than our four walls. 
 Hi-Country Specialty Foods

Photo of something that makes me happy:
I am going to show a photo of a bicycle, because riding my bike makes me really happy.  Unfortunately, I did not get to ride much last summer due to my being pregnant (although it was a sacrifice with a wonderful end result).  I am looking forward to getting out this year and doing a lot more riding.  My biggest challenge is that I always have to load my bike up and drive to where I want to ride; the road near our house is too busy with fast cars, semis, and log trucks.  Tyler and I talk about going places where we can ride our bikes all the time-- I hope we are able to live someplace someday where the roads are more cycle-friendly.

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